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Frequently Asked Questions

This question has no single answer. Each website design is quoted based on the requirements of the specific project. As you answer our questions, we’ll assess your needs and present you with a quote.

We typically charge anywhere between $1,500 – $5,000 for one website, depending on the needs of the project.

My services are a great fit for businesses that provide a service to consumers, operate in a local or regional market, and have less than 25 employees. Depending on the marketing goals, I can also be a good fit for some B2B companies.

Common businesses I am not a good fit for:

eCommerce, products, restaurants, real estate, technology, fashion, travel, photography, personal brands

Generally, we aim for a four to eight week turnaround for most sites, but the pace is set by the client. Smaller sites can be less.

How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability for feedback, and how soon the content is ready all impact the speed of completion. The complexity of the site may also affect the time it takes to develop.

WebFlow is the platform I prefer for website development because it makes it easier for me to develop and for my clients. If a client requested WordPress, I can also build a WordPress website as well.

Hosting fees are usually $20 / month. Billing is handled through the WebFlow platform.

No way! My customers are located all over the United States. I can help any small business throughout the country.

You can update some parts of the website yourself, but I would recommend getting a site management / maintenance plan with me so that I can handle this for you. In most cases, at some point, you’re going to need my help to fix something, so it’s best to have me on retainer so that you don’t have to worry about it.

I am definitely capable of handling all the changes myself and actually prefer to do so. Maintenance for a website starts at $300/monthly and can be more depending on how often it needs to be updated / changed.

Yes, 100%. Today, any website must comply with this requirement. If you’re looking for a web development company that cannot make a mobile-friendly website, you should look elsewhere.

Option A: I usually collect the full payment up front.

Option B: Customers can also choose to pay 50% down and 50% upon completion if they wish. 

In general, I like full payment up front, because it almost always guarantees quick and accurate responses to my questions because you have a greater stake in the project when you pay up front. Additionally, it eliminates any delays with collecting the final 50% payment before the launch of the website.

You can contribute as much as you like. Depending on the customer, you may want to be a large part of the process, or you may only want to pay and not have any input. 

Furthermore, I believe too much involvement by the customer generally contributes to poor quality design because most customers have a poor understanding of web design principles and can want things that are not feasible to incorporate.

Normally, you are the one who does so. It’s usually best if it comes from you, since you’re the expert on your business. Upon request, we can recommend copywriters who can write original content for you at an additional cost.

It’s difficult to say without knowing your exact situation. If you’re on a tight budget, I’d suggest just doing a one page site. 

Still, don’t disregard yourself, get in touch with me because the project may not cost as much as you think if it’s a simpler project.

You can definitely count on me for assistance, just let me know what you need. In my experience, most customers look back at the websites later and edit/add things, or even add entirely new pages. 

It’s inconvenient to have to scope out the changes you need, write an invoice for it and then wait until it’s paid for. Not only for me but you as well because that delays the changes actually getting made.

That’s why I recommend a site management plan. As part of a site management plan, I am available to you for requests during normal business hours. Simply shoot me a quick email and let me know what changes need to be made. 

A typical turnaround time for minor changes would be within 24 – 36 hours. Major changes can take a bit longer depending on the changes requested.

If you are not a national brand, huge ecommerce store, etc., then in my opinion, this is the best way to go about website design for small businesses.

You save time and money by doing this. I am 100% capable of building custom websites from scratch, but I find that it doesn’t make sense, not just for me but for you as well. 

Since there are only a limited number of ways to design website components, no website can be truly tailored. 

Another point many don’t think about is that by using a theme or pre-made design you can already see what the website will look like when it’s complete. 

This way you will not be surprised. I’ve found that this is the best and most cost-effective way for my clients to get a beautiful, fast website without spending a lot of money.

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The Process

There can be a lot involved in developing a new website. Usually, it will involve constant back and forth communication between the main point of contact and me.

Overall though I make the process as smooth as possible by trying to walk you through each step without overwhelming you. 

Our Mission

We create beautiful, professional, user-friendly, and high-converting websites for small businesses across the nation.

Why Choose Us?

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Frank created a professional, fast website for my business, OC Restoration. Frank came in and fixed everything and built a great website after the first person I hired left things a mess.
jeff kohl headshot
Jeff Kohl
Owner of OC Restoration
The website Frank built for me is exactly what I wanted. My website is fast, looks great on mobile devices, and makes it easy for customers to see what I do and to contact me. What else could I ask for?
ray hughey shot
Ray Hughey
Owner of RH Floor and Tile Co.
My website is managed by Frank. Frank is able to help with any website related or digital marketing-related issue I throw at him, and always provides valuable insight. He is an excellent asset to have on your team!
Dr. Kendall Price DC.
Owner of Aurora Chiropractic
Frank was recommended to me by Dr. Kendall Price. As my first website company wasn't able to produce what I wanted, I looked elsewhere. There's no doubt Frank delivered as he promised!
dr michael butler headshot
Dr. Michael Butler DC.
Owner of Restoration Health
Jeff Kohl referred me to Frank. For a company I run that is publicly traded, I needed a simple website to keep shareholders informed. I have received great feedback from everyone about my new website, thanks so much, Frank.
Greg Mitchell
Our new laser studio's website was beautifully redesigned by Frank. Today, Frank still maintains the website and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you again!
Nikki Dean
Manager of Solutions Laser Studio
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